How to Be a London Escort’s Favorite Client

Every person has both favorite and disliked clients. And escorts are no different. Their favorite clients are those who are well-behaved and respect them. Such a customer will always be welcomed to book as many appointments as they want with the same lady. If you’re a first time customer, or you’ve spotted an escort that you like, we’ll tell you how you should behave to become her favorite client.

But before we get into that, we should mention that you need to stay away from malicious escort websites. They are not safe and you’ll likely meet many frauds. Instead, focus on a reliable and reputable escort agency. That said here are ways to become an escort’s regular client.

Offer Tips

Every woman, escort or not, loves being pampered. And one way to make your escort feel appreciated is by tipping her. You can leave some money for her on the nightstand or put them on a table or a bathroom sink. This is especially important for those meeting an escort for the first time. Never give them money directly. And if it’s a must that you tell them where you’ve put the cash, never use the word “money.” You can simply refer to it as “gift” she’ll understand.

Be Timely

One must remember their arrival time. If something urgent pops up and you can’t make it on time, inform her that you’ll be late. Doing this shows that you’re respectful and got good manners. Note that unless you give a time change notice in advance, you’ll still pay for the time you missed. For example, if your appointment was scheduled at 7-8 pm and you get there at 7:15 pm, you’ll still leave at 8. Even if she had a great time with you, overstaying will feel awkward and annoying. But, one can ask for extra time, only that you’ll have to pay for it.

Don’t Deviate from the Menu

London escorts, like all others, use code words such as PSE, CIM, etc. Know what these codes mean before making an appointment. Also, bear in mind that escorts offer different services. If an escort doesn’t practice anal for instance and you try it with them, they’ll feel disrespected. So ensure that you’re booking the right service before scheduling an appointment.

Treat Her Like a Lady

Sure escorts are used for sexual pleasure but treating her like a lady will make her feel appreciated. While it’s a non-commitment relationship, it wouldn’t hurt being nice to her. Clients shouldn’t be intimidated by an escort but they also should not feel superior. When you’re nice and respectful, you’ll for sure win her heart.

Don’t Discuss Details in Person

It’s not wise to discuss details like sexual acts or money in person. Such topics are often uncomfortable even to you as the client. Even if she tries to make you say what you are there for, don’t be loud. In such cases, kiss her or try to make her feel comfortable.

Also, remember that you don’t need to prove your skills. Sure, foreplay is essential for building your stamina but do not hold back to last longer for her.

Lastly, try reading her cues. Escorts are real people who have likes and dislikes. While one may enjoy being talked dirty to, another wouldn’t love this.

If you’re looking for escort services in central London, use only credible agencies to avoid scammers.