Silent, A Little Bit Weird, but Amazing!

In the past few months, business has been really good especially for London escorts. With everyone locked up in their homes, the monotony of doing the same things every now and then gets boring. And this is where horny men start looking for beautiful escorts to quench their thirst and satisfy their innermost desires.

We all want to make an extra buck and because of this high demand, I recently decided to increase my number of weekly clients from 6 to 10. Even though I knew it would be hectic, I had to re-arrange my schedule to have enough time both for myself and clients.

To kick things off, I started replying to all the messages I received online from potential clients. In the past, I was very choosy. I didn’t do married men, college kids, and party ‘monsters’. Despite being an escort, I have always been very laid back. I do enjoy a Friday night out but am not the kind of girl to party in all bars all over Chelsea from Wednesday to Monday.

Anyway, the good thing about working with a reliable agency is that you can never be short of clients. One message that caught my attention was from a guy named Kevin (not his real name of course). It read, ‘hey I was just going through the list of escorts in your agency and I was very drawn to you. Hit me up and I will treat you right.’

Blonde or brunette, every lady wants to be treated right. And I definitely messaged him back. He was online 24/7 and this made me a bit suspicious. But I dismissed the idea because everyone is idle nowadays. According to the way I work, I always create time to know more about the client. Kevin was a 30-something old with a pretty handsome face. A fairly built lad who lives in Bayswater and owns a souvenir shop in Knightsbridge. He had a thing for kinky sex. And because I wasn’t new to the game, I was sure this is something I can handle.

Fast forward to two days later, I get a call from Kevin at around 4. He tells me that he has about to close up shop, and I should meet him there. It was on a Wednesday and the only appointment I had next was at 10 in Kensington. So I hurriedly leave my apartment and head for Knightsbridge. On arrival at his shop, I recognize his face from the window and I head in. At the door, I meet a beautiful couple heading out with a gift bag.

I could feel the sexual tension between us when we first met. I introduce myself and we hug. As we do that, I felt his huge thing pushing against my hip and I immediately know that it’s on. I stare at him provocatively and he takes me to a small office in the back, unbuttons my shirt, and starts playing with my nipples. I get so aroused and submits my entire body to him.

He turns me around, takes off my skirt and panties then slides his thing roughly deep inside me. There is no need for foreplay here because we all want it. Unlike most men, Kevin’s stroke game is amazing. He is quite silent but knows what to do and how to do it. Most of my encounters, I have had to fake orgasms just to please the client but today was different.

As he chokes me gently, I lose more control over my body. After a couple of strokes, he turns me around and puts me on the desk and starts plowing me from the front. He goes in harder and pulls me closer as he moans. I hold onto his neck until he blows his load. I lay there on his desk breathing frantically, half-dressed thinking about the mind-blowing orgasm I have just received. I reflect on the mediocre sessions I have had to endure in the past just because of the money. Kevin lifts me and asks me if I am okay. I smile, sit up straight, and start putting on my clothes.

While I am dressing, he slides an envelope into my bag and asks me if I need to recount the money. At the back of my mind, I had forgotten even about the payment. I shyly say there is no need to recount it. He opens the door for me and tells me ‘same place same time next week?’. I nod and head out thinking this is one of the best encounters of my life. Kevin will definitely rank high on my favourite client’s list and I can’t wait to meet this great guy next week.